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Drop your dog in for a groom on your way to work and pick them up on your way home in the afternoon (Half Day care fees extra) 

From nail clipping to full grooms, we have all your grooming needs covered.

Grooming & Spa Services

We have a full grooming service available onsite.

Nice and Tidy

Small Dog


Medium Dog


Large Dog


X-Large Dog


Pricing Guide to Keep your fury friend Nice and Tidy

Grooming with daycare - $50 for all desheds, bice and tidy’s and full grooms

+40kg by quote only 

Includes, warm bath, blow dry, nail trim, feet face & hygiene tidy

Additional fees for matted dogs, dogs who defecate whilst grooming and dogs who require additional time due to medical and/or behavioural issues, by quote.

Full Groom

Small Dog


Medium Dog


Large Dog


X-Large Dog


Pricing Guide to give your fury friend a Full Groom

Includes warm bath, blow dry, nail trim & styled hair cut

+40kg,  styled trims (more than 13mm left on body) and breed trims by quote only. 

Additional charges for pooches with haircuts using attachment combs (+13mm)

Our Different Grooming Options For Every Need

Deshedding Service

Small Dog


Medium Dog


Large Dog


X-Large Dog


Pricing Guide to  Deshed your Paw-fect Pooch

Includes warm bath, blow dry, nail trim and full comb out

+40kg, and major deshed works (eg malamutes, husky, etc) by quote, Dependant on cost condition.

General Grooming & Spa Services

Mineral Foot Soak

All Sizes - $20


All Sizes - $40

($20 if included with a full groom service)

Includes nail trim, dermal file and a massage of the paw pads with rich argon oils

Detox Mask

All Sizes - $15

(as a part of a groom)
Great for sebum balanacing, hair loss and stress. Rich repairing and nourishing.

Shedding Treatment

All Sizes - $10

(recomended with a deshed)

Hydration Mask

All Sizes - $25

Perfect for dry itchy and dehydrated skin (great for bulldogs!)

Pricing Guide for Nail Trims, Bath & Towel or Blow Drys

Price is a guide only and subject to change depending coat condition
Large and heavily impact dogs, plus specific breeds like Husky, Malamute or Samoyed incur additional charges

Heavily matted dogs may be refused and recommended a vet visit

We provide a luxury grooming services for your much loved pooch with super premium skin & coat products


One on One grooming with a qualified groomer

Pets are ready to be collected within 3 hours


We use positive reinforcement and endeavour to provide a stress free environment 


We appreciate our clients sticking to a regular appointment schedule dependant on your dogs coat type & matted dogs may be refused

Our Grooming Service

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