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Current Events

Here you will find our current events and their information.

Be a groomer for a day workshops for kids 8 - 15 

Learn to wash, dry and comb out dogs to keep them in tip top shape.  Learn importance of coat care, how to best look after your own puppy at home and get to cuddle and meet some beautiful puppies. PLUS - receive an invitation to attend Level 2 training next holidays!

Student Receives: Pooch Parent Student Groomer apron, comb and slicker brush Plus access to online tutorials to help practice at home between workshops & a level 1 certificate.

Run by professional groomers and qualified instructors.

Day Out In The Field

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole, and we realise the day care environment and being confined to a small space does not suit all pooches. We want every dog’s day care experience to be tailored to their needs instead of focussing on making them conform to an environment that was not designed for them.

As such we bring you Farm Dayze.

Farm days is a half day experience, were your pooch will be transported to a tranquil 12 acre private property. Fully dog proof fenced and well maintained, this property is located in Duroby, NSW.

Dogs will be allowed to run through the fields, get muddy in the dam, trapse through the creek or spend their time chasing smells with their noses and lying in the shade under the magnificent Fig Tree.

As Farm Dayze is a boutique experience catering for a maximum of 5 dogs, you can request a training focus should you wish, where the trainer will focus on an area of development with your pooch during their time at the farm. However, as the farm is an experience in itself, this is not necessary.

Farm Dayze is available 5 days a week, but dependant on numbers, minimum 4 numbers for
Farm Dayze to run, so it is important your book (either via the APP or by contacting our team
on 0436 DOGGIE). You will be contacted prior to 5pm (as early as possible) the night before
your scheduled Farm Day to confirm whether or not the day will run.

Farm Dayze is available 5 days a week!

Check out our Bookings page to see when our next dates are.

*Class limited to 10 Junior Groomers


Doggie Distractions

4/12-18 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South


8:30am - 12:30pm (Morning Tea Provided)


$150 Per Student


Book below by clicking the BOOK NOW BUTTON


To Book or For More Information Please Give Us a Call

Email Us To Book In For Farm Dayze

Thanks for submitting!

Enjoy your next birthday party with your two and four legged friends!

At Doggie Distractions' New Year's Sleep Out, we are not only dedicated to providing a delightful experience for our canine guests but also committed to ensuring their well-being. As New Year's Eve often comes with fireworks and loud celebrations, we understand that many dogs can experience anxiety and stress during such events.

Throughout the night, our team will be on hand to comfort and soothe any nervous pooches with gentle attention and specialized activities designed to distract from the noise. From relaxing music to interactive play, we aim to create a serene atmosphere where dogs can feel at ease and enjoy the festivities without worry. So, if your furry friend is sensitive to fireworks, our New Year's Sleep Out offers a reassuring alternative where they can spend a tranquil night surrounded by caring staff and their fellow furry companions. Let your dogs start the year stress-free and content with Doggie Distractions' thoughtful approach to fireworks anxiety prevention.

That's why our professional caregivers are well-trained in anxiety-reducing techniques, offering a safe and calming environment to help prevent dogs' anxiety due to fireworks.

Enjoy your next birthday party with your two and four legged friends!

At Doggies Distractions, we believe that every member of the family, including the furry ones, deserves to have a great time. That's why we're excited to introduce our Kids Pooch Parties! These specially curated events are designed to bring together kids and their beloved canine companions for an unforgettable day of fun and laughter.

During our Kids Pooch Parties, kids can engage in various exciting activities, from interactive playtime and dog training sessions to entertaining games. Our experienced staff ensures that both the children and the dogs have a fantastic time, promoting empathy, responsibility, and a deeper understanding of animals. At Doggies Distractions, we pride ourselves on creating memories that last a lifetime, and our Kids Pooch Parties are no exception - fostering a strong bond between kids and their pooch pals, while also spreading love and compassion for our furry friends

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a special achievement, or just a day of bonding, our Kids Pooch Parties offer a unique opportunity for children to interact with our friendly and well-trained dogs in a safe and supervised environment.

Dogs are to be dropped off from 5pm New Years Eve and to be fed before hand, Pick Up is 9am New Years Day. Max 35 Dogs.


Doggie Distractions

4/12-18 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South


Drop off from 5pm New Years Eve, pick up at 9am New Years Day


$150 Per Dog ($75 Non Refundable Deposit)


Give us a call to book your pooch's spot this New Years


Let us help out with your Pooch's big day!

Have an upcoming wedding and you would like your pooch to be a part of it? There is no wedding project too big for Doggie Distractions!

From pre-wedding grooming, to pooch care, drop offs and pick ups and even overnight care as required, we can build you the personalised solution you need!

Just reach out to our friendly reception staff on 0436 DOGGIE or

For birthday experiences outside of day care, please reach out for a personalised quote

Birthday PAW-ty's!!!

There are 3 options for Farm Dayze:

Pick up and drop off to your home pick up between 7-8am and
drop off between

12.30 – 1.00pm

- $110 per dog per day

You drop your pooch prior to 8am and your pooch will becared for by out team up until close at 6.00pm (or prior). As Farm Dayze dogs maynot be suitable for the day care environment, this care would be in a crate, whereyour pooch will have access to water in the air con and will be walked regularly toensure they have toilet break. After the farm, a nice rest in the air con is just whatthey need!

- $110 per dog per day

You drop off at Doggie Distractions prior to 8am and pick up at
1.00pm after your pooch returns for the day

- $80.00 per dog per day

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