Aspects and Rewards of Day Care

Excercise is an important and essential part of your dogs life and often this requirement is neglected which in turn can produce undesired behaviour such as digging or barking as well as health issues.

During your dogs stay, they will receive the excercise they need to keep a healthy mind and body which can help reduce naughty behaviour.

Socialization is something that is integral to your dogs mindset and promotes a happy, confident energy which aids in your dog having a better time in the presence of other dogs.

Without socialization, dogs can become aggressive which leads to a problem when you want to take them to the beach or even just on a walk.

Play combines excercise and socialization as well as obedience. This is an important part of your dogs stay at Doggie Distractions. Play reduces the pent up energy in your dog allowing him/her to be in a more calm submissive state which in turn makes your dog more manageable on walks, around other dogs and people.

Safe Environment
Leaving your dog at home alone can lead to boredom which can lead to wandering or other behaviour, added to this the increase in dog theft, placing your dog into day care can provide you with a piece of mind that your dog is going to be kept safe and happy.

Purpose Built Facility
Our purpose built dog day care and grooming facility located in Tweed Heads, provides your pooch with a fun filled environment that allows safe interaction and socialisation with like minded dogs.

Dog socialisation and play

Dog activities to entertain

Staff were very welcoming and friendly, Leo enjoyed his day, He slept all the way home.
Mike Mansfield

Day Care Options

Service Price
Hourly Rate $15
Half Day (up to 4 hours) $30
Full Day $39
Late Pick Up Fee $15
Weekly (Monday - Friday) $150
5 x Half Day $125
5 x Full Day $175
10 x Half Day $250
10 x Full Day $300
20 x Half Day $400
20 x Full Day $500

Dog daycare activities